One of Two


I spent the last few weeks trying to determine what area I’d like to write the most about. There are just way to many topics and things I am passionate about to knock it down… It’s utterly ridiculous. So I knocked it down to two of my favorite areas and I figured I’d start with this one. Video games take up a solid part of my life – because I enjoy the escape and how much fun they can be. But I don’t let them consume my life. I created this blog to discuss my experiences while gaming – while adding tips, reviews, or anything I feel like discussing when it comes to it. I will most likely write about what I am enjoying in games (or hating) and look to discuss other people’s thoughts when it comes to it. There may be other random posts in here but I will mostly keep those to another blog that will be more oriented around reality – finances, work, social life etc…

The other blog will be focused more so on personal finances and how things are going in that area. I’m an advocate for monitoring your money and spending less than you make! Anyway I hope you enjoy what I have to say and I apologize ahead of time for any rambling I do on here when it comes to video games!

My next post will aim at the current game I’m playing: Kingdoms of Amalur