Diablo 3 Normal – Hell

Sorry guys – been busy! girlfriend was a bit sick so I was with her and I just didn’t have time to write 😦 … Here’s a quick update.

I just began Act 1 of Hell on Diablo 3… All I have to say is holy crap. Its such a drastic change from normal to Nightmare to Hell.. Normal battles against elite monsters can take up to 5 minutes because you can’t just go gungho on them! Ahh well what can ya do – its much more challenging this way. Normal mode was an extreme breeze after all. Now to go into the story a bit

Blizzard did an EXCELLENT job with their cinematics in this game. I was thoroughly impressed with each one. The graphics were impeccable and the voice acting was fantastic. I really have no complaints on this part at all. It was a job well done. The only drawback was the briefness of it all I guess. I’m still left to wonder where exactly MY character comes into play. I was born from the gods, so i’m told 🙂 … but no explanation really – as to where I came from or why I’m there. Not that any other diablo game really explains this either.

(Could be spoilers below)

My only complain about the game thus far was the ending. You finish the final boss and.. well.. it’s over. No explanation no discussion – just a move over to the next difficulty. Tyrael has his brief spout about what hes going to change into (“angel of wisom”) and that is that. Game ends… what happened to Imperius being ticked off? what about Leah, did she die in the process? – I guess they’re holding Adria off for the next Diablo? Because, she just walked off the set pretty much. Too many unanswered questions in a brief period of time. The lack of reward for playing the game – which, takes roughly 20 hours on normal when you’re just starting out was kind of disappointing. Luckily the enjoyment I get out of playing the game with friends makes up for it. Hell mode definitely is going to post a challenge – I can’t wait to see what Inferno brings.

Good night everyone !


Diablo 3 time

Good evening everyone,

I spent the afternoon cleaning up my twitter list — good times right? I love conversing with people on site but it goes both ways right? So I had to get rid off some people who just weren’t showing the love back. Anyway, Diablo 3 comes out tomorrow!

I won’t get a chance to enjoy the game until my PC is returned to me in the early evening. Repaired and ready to go with a new sapphie 6850 graphics card. I’m stoked to enjoy some D3 with good friends. I’m only a little jealous of my friends who are planning to start playing in oh.. say about 10 minutes roughly? Pending how fast they can dl or pick up their copy! I have mine be delivered to me by Amazon.

I’m genuinely excited to get this game going. I will definitely post about my experience as it goes. Who knows maybe the new PC will encourage me to give other games a go. But for the time being it will definitely be Diablo 3 with maybe some Dota and SC2 mixed in there. Can you tell I’m a blizzard fan?

On another note – i started reading about expanding to my own domain and learning how to handle http://www.wordpress.org software. However, I am just a novice and am not going anywhere any time soon. Just something I want to teach myself in the mean time.

Also my friend and I will begin working on his site soon as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has to post and write about.

But I disgress… Sometimes I get caught up in my posts and just start rambling 🙂 …. Here’s to Diablo 3 coming out tomorrow! I’ll keep you guys posted!