Ok so yea.. I’ve been in Inferno for about 5 days now. And all I have to say is WOW. Its just about impossible without perfect gear. It’s not even difficult… it’s just ridiculous. Anyway, my friend came across this video on youtube so I figured I would share it. It pretty much shows my strat as a level 60 Monk right now. haha


Diablo 3 Normal – Hell

Sorry guys – been busy! girlfriend was a bit sick so I was with her and I just didn’t have time to write ๐Ÿ˜ฆ … Here’s a quick update.

I just began Act 1 of Hell on Diablo 3… All I have to say is holy crap. Its such a drastic change from normal to Nightmare to Hell.. Normal battles against elite monsters can take up to 5 minutes because you can’t just go gungho on them! Ahh well what can ya do – its much more challenging this way. Normal mode was an extreme breeze after all. Now to go into the story a bit

Blizzard did an EXCELLENT job with their cinematics in this game. I was thoroughly impressed with each one. The graphics were impeccableย and the voice acting was fantastic. I really have no complaints on this part at all. It was a job well done. The only drawback was the briefness of it all I guess. I’m still left to wonder where exactly MY character comes into play. I was born from the gods, so i’m told ๐Ÿ™‚ … but no explanation really – as to where I came from or why I’m there. Not that any other diablo game really explains this either.

(Could be spoilers below)

My only complain about the game thus far was the ending. You finish the final boss and.. well.. it’s over. No explanation no discussion – just a move over to the next difficulty. Tyrael has his brief spout about what hes going to change into (“angel of wisom”) and that is that. Game ends… what happened to Imperius being ticked off? what about Leah, did she die in the process? – I guess they’re holding Adria off for the next Diablo? Because, she just walked off the set pretty much. Too many unanswered questions in a brief period of time. The lack of reward for playing the game – which, takes roughly 20 hours on normal when you’re just starting out was kind of disappointing. Luckily the enjoyment I get out of playing the game with friends makes up for it. Hell mode definitely is going to post a challenge – I can’t wait to see what Inferno brings.

Good night everyone !

Diablo 3 Day 1


Image courtesy of Blizzard. This is not my photo!

Good evening everyone,

I got my PC back – up and running! It’s fantastic to have it back. The nerd inside me rages with excitement as I booted it up today and it wasn’t crashing due to a bad graphics card. No more issues ๐Ÿ™‚ .. I can not run just about any game without any issue. It’s a great feeling. I can also finally start installing the programs I’ve been waiting to use! outstanding! On to D3

I started my first few hours of Diablo 3 today without any issues. I say this because it is currently down – and has been for about 45 minutes now. This is probably the only real flaw I’ve seen with the game. Not being able to have a good time offline is just silly Blizzard! Not to say I didn’t expect this to happen… it happens with almost any new game launch. Aside from the game being down which is sucks the game has been extremely enjoyable.

I’ve enjoyed playing with a ton of friends whom I haven’t played any games with recently. Reconnecting is always a blast. And why not over ventrilo on a game we knew we’d all be playing? haha… anyway. I pretty much just played through the first 2-3 hours of the game. I have the game running on completely max settings and the graphics are everything I expected and then some. The game play itself is crisp and smooth as one would expect from a Diablo game. I honestly cant complain about any game play issues until it crashed. The only thing I was upset to find out was the lack of PVP and the fact we can only play with 4 people at a time. I was used to playing with 8 (Diablo 2) and only being able to use 4 was extremely limited to me. I didn’t get to play with a lot of my friends because of it! We are now all over the place in the game!

So I started as the monk class (I will try others in the future) and can say it has been extremely fun to play…. (Side note: those who feel they’re limited on skills. If you’re a beginner you may not want to try this but you can have more access to your skill. Enable “Elective Mode” in your options menu. You can use all skills this way) I didn’t know that side bar initially. Anyway, the monk class bounces all over the place while you attack and also has some great aoe to protect himself. If you ever feel cluttered just right click and Kick everyone back. The knockback in this game is crazy. I got hit by one enemy and the next thing I knew it was halfway across my screen. Caught me off guard to say the least.ย 

Of course, there are some returning faces to the game. Deckard Cain makes another appearance (He’s gotta be what – 170 now?) and we are greeted by another old face in the beginning chapters. I won’t spoil who the stranger is for those who haven’t gotten there yet. Also, I got to fight Skeleton King from Defense of the ancients. That was fantastic. (Sorry for the DOTA reference ๐Ÿ™‚ it may seem out of place. King Leoric is the first major boss you will fight in the game. It’s not a complicated battle to say the least so don’t be alarmed. Just be ready to hack n slash your way through him and the minions he spawns as you fight him. You’ll be on your way in no time.ย 

After I beat Leoric the game pretty much started to crash – Idk what point I will be up to when it comes back up. But I will definitely keep this posted as I play. I’m looking forward to the next few. Night everyone!

Diablo 3 time

Good evening everyone,

I spent the afternoon cleaning up my twitter list — good times right? I love conversing with people on site but it goes both ways right? So I had to get rid off some people who just weren’t showing the love back. Anyway, Diablo 3 comes out tomorrow!

I won’t get a chance to enjoy the game until my PC is returned to me in the early evening. Repaired and ready to go with a new sapphie 6850 graphics card. I’m stoked to enjoy some D3 with good friends. I’m only a little jealous of my friends who are planning to start playing in oh.. say about 10 minutes roughly? Pending how fast they can dl or pick up their copy! I have mine be delivered to me by Amazon.

I’m genuinely excited to get this game going. I will definitely post about my experience as it goes. Who knows maybe the new PC will encourage me to give other games a go. But for the time being it will definitely be Diablo 3 with maybe some Dota and SC2 mixed in there. Can you tell I’m a blizzard fan?

On another note – i started reading about expanding to my own domain and learning how to handle http://www.wordpress.org software. However, I am just a novice and am not going anywhere any time soon. Just something I want to teach myself in the mean time.

Also my friend and I will begin working on his site soon as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has to post and write about.

But I disgress… Sometimes I get caught up in my posts and just start rambling ๐Ÿ™‚ …. Here’s to Diablo 3 coming out tomorrow! I’ll keep you guys posted!

Up and Running

So I now have both blogs up and running. My other one http://www.breakingthenorm.wordpress.com is finally up. I need to do some modifications to it but i’m working on learning how to do just that. In the mean time there is nothing stopping me from writing, right? So… that brings me to Kingdoms of Amalur.

On a scale of 1 – 10 I give the game around a 7 give or take.

The story of the game takes you to a vast world where you are the chosen one who has no “fate”… This happens because you are the first to be brought back from the dead… The game was beautifully done and the world is vast and well detailed. Now, how can I put this… Like every other recent action RPG to come out – the game is quest oriented. This is fine – quests are a great way to build a game. But game makers need to realize that there needs to be a story to support it. You’re so busy grinding out quests these days that you lose track of the actual goal.

This brings me back to the term “fate”. Every character in the game knows their fate. Meaning, they know when they will die! Unless, you intervene… This means you can essentially change your own fate and the fate of those around you. I could go into more detail about its pointless… your never really in a position to change anybody’s fate. Sure you help some people finish a quest or two they were set to fail.. but you pretty much do that no matter what. You never really determine whether or not a character should live or die. Unless you, yourself, go aggro on them. This leads to my next issue – Havok Games had a prime opportunity to build a solid story for this game and failed. You don’t feel an attachment to any of the characters in the game. Even the main character, whom you play as the entire time, is just a character. I unfortunately couldn’t careless about any off the side characters in the game let alone my own (that’s just my opinion).

But the game still had its fun aspects – the fights were generally a good time. My issue was the difficulty… meaning there wasn’t any. I started and finished the game on the hardest difficulty. The only time I ever had an issue was when caster’s were present. They were even necessarily difficult – more of an annoyance than anything. Since anything you were doing was so easily broken by a spell. If you came up on 3 casters they essentially could keep knocking you around until you died. But luckily fate would stop them ๐Ÿ™‚ … My one other issue was the final boss. Which was an absolute joke. Usually when you build up to the end of a game you would think the final boss would be some what difficult. Not in this case… My character pretty much ended him in the first to sections and he had to back track the next too in straight steps. It’s bad when I finish a game and am left with the feeling of “that’s it?”. The final boss should be the most difficult in any of these situations. I was disappointed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ … Anyway, I’m going to stop it here because I could rant on about the disappointment but it’s pointless. I’m sure most would agree on that. There are some details I left out about the game but I covered most of the actual issues I experienced. Let me know if you have any thoughts on the issue.

PS: sorry for any grammatical errors on this one. I’m half asleep ๐Ÿ™‚

One of Two


I spent the last few weeks trying to determine what area I’d like to write the most about. There are just way to many topics and things I am passionate about to knock it down… It’s utterly ridiculous. So I knocked it down to two of my favorite areas and I figured I’d start with this one. Video games take up a solid part of my life – because I enjoy the escape and how much fun they can be. But I don’t let them consume my life. I created this blog to discuss my experiences while gaming – while adding tips, reviews, or anything I feel like discussing when it comes to it. I will most likely write about what I am enjoying in games (or hating) and look to discuss other people’s thoughts when it comes to it. There may be other random posts in here but I will mostly keep those to another blog that will be more oriented around reality – finances, work, social life etc…

The other blog will be focused more so on personal finances and how things are going in that area. I’m an advocate for monitoring your money and spending less than you make! Anyway I hope you enjoy what I have to say and I apologize ahead of time for any rambling I do on here when it comes to video games!

My next post will aim at the current game I’m playing: Kingdoms of Amalur