Diablo 3 Day 1


Image courtesy of Blizzard. This is not my photo!

Good evening everyone,

I got my PC back – up and running! It’s fantastic to have it back. The nerd inside me rages with excitement as I booted it up today and it wasn’t crashing due to a bad graphics card. No more issues 🙂 .. I can not run just about any game without any issue. It’s a great feeling. I can also finally start installing the programs I’ve been waiting to use! outstanding! On to D3

I started my first few hours of Diablo 3 today without any issues. I say this because it is currently down – and has been for about 45 minutes now. This is probably the only real flaw I’ve seen with the game. Not being able to have a good time offline is just silly Blizzard! Not to say I didn’t expect this to happen… it happens with almost any new game launch. Aside from the game being down which is sucks the game has been extremely enjoyable.

I’ve enjoyed playing with a ton of friends whom I haven’t played any games with recently. Reconnecting is always a blast. And why not over ventrilo on a game we knew we’d all be playing? haha… anyway. I pretty much just played through the first 2-3 hours of the game. I have the game running on completely max settings and the graphics are everything I expected and then some. The game play itself is crisp and smooth as one would expect from a Diablo game. I honestly cant complain about any game play issues until it crashed. The only thing I was upset to find out was the lack of PVP and the fact we can only play with 4 people at a time. I was used to playing with 8 (Diablo 2) and only being able to use 4 was extremely limited to me. I didn’t get to play with a lot of my friends because of it! We are now all over the place in the game!

So I started as the monk class (I will try others in the future) and can say it has been extremely fun to play…. (Side note: those who feel they’re limited on skills. If you’re a beginner you may not want to try this but you can have more access to your skill. Enable “Elective Mode” in your options menu. You can use all skills this way) I didn’t know that side bar initially. Anyway, the monk class bounces all over the place while you attack and also has some great aoe to protect himself. If you ever feel cluttered just right click and Kick everyone back. The knockback in this game is crazy. I got hit by one enemy and the next thing I knew it was halfway across my screen. Caught me off guard to say the least. 

Of course, there are some returning faces to the game. Deckard Cain makes another appearance (He’s gotta be what – 170 now?) and we are greeted by another old face in the beginning chapters. I won’t spoil who the stranger is for those who haven’t gotten there yet. Also, I got to fight Skeleton King from Defense of the ancients. That was fantastic. (Sorry for the DOTA reference 🙂 it may seem out of place. King Leoric is the first major boss you will fight in the game. It’s not a complicated battle to say the least so don’t be alarmed. Just be ready to hack n slash your way through him and the minions he spawns as you fight him. You’ll be on your way in no time. 

After I beat Leoric the game pretty much started to crash – Idk what point I will be up to when it comes back up. But I will definitely keep this posted as I play. I’m looking forward to the next few. Night everyone!


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