Diablo 3 time

Good evening everyone,

I spent the afternoon cleaning up my twitter list — good times right? I love conversing with people on site but it goes both ways right? So I had to get rid off some people who just weren’t showing the love back. Anyway, Diablo 3 comes out tomorrow!

I won’t get a chance to enjoy the game until my PC is returned to me in the early evening. Repaired and ready to go with a new sapphie 6850 graphics card. I’m stoked to enjoy some D3 with good friends. I’m only a little jealous of my friends who are planning to start playing in oh.. say about 10 minutes roughly? Pending how fast they can dl or pick up their copy! I have mine be delivered to me by Amazon.

I’m genuinely excited to get this game going. I will definitely post about my experience as it goes. Who knows maybe the new PC will encourage me to give other games a go. But for the time being it will definitely be Diablo 3 with maybe some Dota and SC2 mixed in there. Can you tell I’m a blizzard fan?

On another note – i started reading about expanding to my own domain and learning how to handle http://www.wordpress.org software. However, I am just a novice and am not going anywhere any time soon. Just something I want to teach myself in the mean time.

Also my friend and I will begin working on his site soon as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has to post and write about.

But I disgress… Sometimes I get caught up in my posts and just start rambling 🙂 …. Here’s to Diablo 3 coming out tomorrow! I’ll keep you guys posted!


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